Brannon Veal

Brannon Veal, P.E., provides Compassionate Austin Leadership in Community Design and Innovation.  He started his role in May, 2019.

To learn more about his work, go to Build with Humanity  Contact Brannon via email at

He is an engineer and innovator with expertise in emerging technology development and strategy for sustainable development. Brannon is passionate about using technological innovation and design strategy as a means to the end of poverty, the pursuit of equity, and protection of the planet. He has ten years of expertise in engineering and design related to sustainable infrastructure and general technology development.

In 2018, Brannon entered his proposal “Built with Humanity” in the global OpenIDEO BridgeBuilder Challenge and his idea was selected in the top tier of 52 design innovations from a global field of over 600 applicants.

On August 23, 2018, he gave a presentation to the Austin City Council about his OpenIDEO Challenge proposal.

From his article, “About Build with Humanity“, published, October, 3, 2018, Brannon writes:

“Build with Humanity exists to empower underserved community members to design solutions to urban inequity. Our mission is driven by our view that the structural, economic, and social design of urban communities is the most overlooked source of systemic inequity for the urban poor, minorities, and other underserved citizens. Although our initial focus is on addressing problems of affordability, we aim to expand the scope of our programs to address four other key areas of inequity: public health, education, social justice, and urban transport. We believe that equity in these areas will build the foundation for healthy and vibrant cities.”

Brannon has advanced his work with local partners in Austin.  He explains more about his progress and plans in his October 19, 2018 article, “How to Build with Humanity: Increasing Civic Engagement through Design Education“.

Build with Humanity now has a contract with the city of Austin for design research related to anti-displacement. Brannon plans to cultivate a pipeline of 4-5 design projects in 2019 with organizations in Austin serving underserved groups.