Clay Boykin

Clay Boykin is a Community Mobilizer for Compassionate Austin.  He began his leadership role with Compassionate Austin in November, 2018.

Clay Boykin’s work in the area of male spiritual development is his calling. He has dedicated his next twenty years to empowering men to come together to help one another unveil and cultivate their spiritual male essence and raise male consciousness in the world. Clay is a former United States Marine Corps artillery officer.

Using his 38 years of business experience and a deeply entrenched servant leadership approach, Clay founded the Men’s Fellowship Network in 2012. He has facilitated hundreds of weekly circles and made long-lasting friendships through the network which has invested over 20,000 man-hours in the overarching theme of male spirituality.

Clay recently published his first book, Circles of Men, which quickly made it into the Amazon top 100 list in the category of Self Help/Spirituality. Circles of Men examines the lessons he and his fellow male seekers have learned from gathering in their trusting and supportive network and weekly circle. The book offers insights into men and vulnerability, servant leadership and the counter-intuitive approach he took in building a network of almost 500 men and a website that has frequent visitors from over 140 countries, almost half of whom are women seeking a resource for their male partner, friend or are seeking to understand the divine male essence within themselves.

Clay and his wife Laurie Bell are longtime residents of Austin, Texas. They have been members of Unity Church of the Hills since 2010. In addition to leading the Men’s Fellowship Network, Clay has been a prayer chaplain and currently serves on the Board of Trustees.