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KAZI Radio Morning Show- Compassion Conversation

KAZI Radio Morning Show- Compassion Conversation

Tap the power of compassion to identify and meet needs!

First take a moment to notice the compassionate actions you do in your life. What do you do to care for others, self, and the Earth?

Do the “3 Daily Questions” exercise:  In the morning, start your day with conscious intention for compassion.  At the end of the day, ask yourself 3 questions:

What did I do today to care for others?

What did I do today to care for myself?

What did I do today to care for the Earth?

Bring to these activities the conscious awareness and recognition of the importance of compassion. Be aware of your compassion skills and what you do to address the 3 dimensions of compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth). Look for where you have strengths and where you have weaknesses. Try to improve areas of weakness.

Help children and youth develop, practice, and strengthen compassion skills in “3D” compassion.

To do this, you must walk your talk.


Participate in the NEW STORY FESTIVAL (the Signature Festival of Compassionate Austin) and empower compassionate action in our community!!

Signature Festival- Medal BadgeBanner image

Seek Information and Learn

Body Shift- Mixed Ability Dance Project- Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival

Body Shift- Mixed Ability Dance Project- Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival

Use this website and the useful links to learn about compassion and ways to care about and care for others, self (personal well-being), and the Earth- conflict resolution, restorative justice, social-emotional learning, environmental sustainability, etc.

Learn about other cultures, ethnicities, abilities, economies.

Learn how to care for your own physical, mental, social, emotional well-being.

Learn about water, earth, trees, plants, animals, sea-life, environmental threats, climate change, etc.

Learn about the vast number of organizations, businesses, groups, educational programs, faith-based and interfaith communities, etc. that support caring for others, self, and the Earth.

Find out about Austin’s needs and the planning and action being done to meet those needs (some key planning documents are below):

Community Advancement Network (CAN)– the annual CAN Dashboard Report– extensive data

Imagine Austin–  Imagine Austin has been contacted by more than 100 cities, counties, governments, and planning and engagement organizations across the globe. If you would like to interact with Imagine Austin or share your research or experience, Contact Imagine Austin Team.  Imagine Austin has won numerous awards and is recognized as a best practice in civic engagement, innovation, and comprehensive community planning.

Austin Office of Sustainability

Together We Thrive- Austin-Travis County Community Health Plan


Peace Day- Capitol Lawn- Austin

Peace Day- Capitol Lawn- Austin

“Like” and “Follow” the Compassionate Austin Facebook page to stay connected with information and inspiration. Post on the page about compassion and compassionate action.

Search the Internet and social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) for the key words “compassion,” “peace,” “health,” “environment,” etc. and connect with compassion-focused individuals and groups online (e.g. the Charter for Compassion International, the Compassion Games International, the Greater Good Science Center – University of California at Berkeley; CCARE- Stanford University, etc.).  Sign up for newsletters, RSS feeds, etc.

Sign the Charter for Compassion. When you sign the Charter, you automatically connect with a global compassion community.  You receive the Charter newsletter and are notified of the free global Charter conference calls on topics related to compassion. Through the Charter, Compassionate Austin connects with other compassionate communities around the world.


Compassionate Austin Meeting

Compassionate Austin Meeting

Take daily steps to increase your own personal well-being (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental).

Find organizations/groups, projects, and events that engage people in caring for others, self (generating personal well-being), and the Earth, and get involved. Explore local opportunities:

Climate March- Austin Capitol

Climate March- Austin Capitol

United Way for Greater Austin

Volunteer Match

Compassionate Austin projects

Compassion Games (see “How to Play”) and Compassion Relays

Join Austin discussion forums to identify and address community needs (some examples are below):

Conversation Corps

Mission Capital (formerly “Greenlights”)

Imagine Austin Meet-ups

Imagine Austin Speaker Series /  Request an Imagine Austin Speaker

Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT)

Leadership Austin

Neighborhood Contact Teams

Word / Issue of the Month

Start a project or group of your own that supports caring for others, self, and/or the Earth.


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