Co-op Members

The Compassionate Austin Co-op Member organizations (added since 1/21/19) are listed in alphabetical order below.  **Individuals who have joined the Co-op are not included in this listing.

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“I believe that compassion enables people to live more gently and kindly with each other and on the Earth. Part of why I teach meditation is because I believe it cultivates compassion. Compassionate Austin’s mission is a wonderful force for good in our city and the world.”  AH
“I’m interested in joining the Co-op ‘to support this worthwhile, important work and it’s incredible leadership’.”  IG
“I am an elected official, a trustee with the Austin Independent School District. I believe that it is my duty to ensure that Austin is a compassionate place, a place where our students, staff and their families can live in dignity, health and beauty.”  AT

350 Austin

350 Austin

350 Austin is the local affiliate of, the global grassroots organization addressing the climate crisis. We share three primary goals: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground; Build an Equitable, Just Low-Carbon Economy; Pressure Governments to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

3rd Eye Meditation Lounge

3rd Eye Meditation Lounge

We welcome you to the space where the Tribe that matches the Vibe communes. It’s a space where members of the community can host mindful, healing events, enjoy the Alchemical bar of high vibration tonics & elixirs, luxurious massage chairs, take time for some self care or just hang out with some really cool people. It’s a place to come to slow down so you can actually speed up & have fun while you’re at it. Meditate to sink deep and listen from within. Bring your journal for contemplation and inspiration. Tune into the mystical magic that is ever present. Have an idea for an event you’d like to host? Contact us on how we can help you set that up!

Abundant Life Foundation

Abundant Life Foundation

Founded by Austinites, we’re on a mission to create opportunities for more vibrant futures in Roatan, Honduras. Our work is focused across three areas: community, education, and conservation. We work from a place of love, building upon the skills of community members and promoting individual and community growth.

Adisa Communications


Adisa Communications is an Austin-based public relations and marketing company whose mission is to create greater peace and beauty on the planet. We provide PR, branding and social media services to non profit, public sector and corporate clients.

ADL Austin


ADL [Anti-Defamation League] is a leading anti-hate organization. Founded in 1913 in response to an escalating climate of anti-Semitism and bigotry, its timeless mission is to protect the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all. Today, ADL continues to fight all forms of hate with the same vigor and passion. ADL is a global leader in exposing extremism and delivering anti-bias education.


Creative Alchemy™️ practitioner specializing in the meaningful journey of discovering your Soul Purpose and releasing yourself from past trauma using the power of raw, basic creativity.

Amala Foundation


At the Amala Foundation, we hope and work for a more equitable, inclusive, compassionate future for us all. To reach that end, we are building a community of emotionally intelligent and socially conscious leaders by inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with themselves and others, grow as individuals, and serve as conscious leaders in their communities. For youth, Amala offers programs that bring together children and teens from diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. For adults, Amala offers professional workshops, yoga, and mindfulness classes.

Amy L. Sugeno Ecotherapy & Mindfulness in Nature

Free mindfulness in nature walks and affordable local retreats. In these times of increasing anxiety and stress, connecting with nature through mindfulness can offer a different way to work with difficulties and challenges so we can experience more ease, better health, and become more compassionate towards ourselves and others, human and non-human beings.



Appamada is a Center for contemporary Zen practice and inquiry, offering daily meditation, a Sunday morning program with dharma talk, Tuesday Inquiry, intensives, classes, a one-year Precepts Program, orientation and one-on-one instruction.

Armstrong Community Music School

Armstrong Community Music School

Armstrong Community Music School offers exciting opportunities to learn the joys of music for students of all ages and skill levels, from early childhood to adult. As a nonprofit organization, it is our core mission to provide excellence in music instruction with a commitment to providing extensive community service.

Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA)

Austin Cooperative Business Association

The Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA) works to BUILD and EXPAND the cooperative economy in central Texas.  The ACBA is dedicated to growing and strengthening the Austin-area cooperative community through increased consumer knowledge, inter-cooperative support, and advocacy to make it easier to start and expand cooperatives.

Austin Creative Reuse

Austin Creative Reuse-cropped

Our mission is to promote conservation and reuse through creativity, education and community building. We collect materials from individuals and businesses which might otherwise go to the landfill. We then offer these materials to the public at our creative reuse center.

Austin Design Week

Austin Design Week

Dive into Austin design through a week of free workshops, talks, studio tours and events as the city celebrates its creative community. We’re inviting the community to propose and showcase the best in visual, interactive, web and mobile, product, industrial, architectural and civic design. From the spaces we’re inspired by, to the images that leap from the page, the products we use daily and the way we interact with them, Austin is pushing the boundaries of design. Explore the cutting edge work being done through some of the city’s most innovative creators.

Austin Health Commons

Austin Health Commons

Austin Health Commons is a non-profit fully committed to a new paradigm shift to conscious health care and affordable access for everyone to holistic healthcare.

Austin Mutual Aid

Austin Mutual Aid

Austin Mutual Aid is a volunteer-led organization that provides help to community members in need. Unhoused community members are a particular focus but we also provide help with delivery and connection to other resources for community members.

Austin ParAble

Austin Parable

We are a sign of hope of how people with differing abilities can welcome each other into community, share our giftedness, and grow spiritually.

Austin Spirit Heart Mind and Body, LLC

Austin Spirit-Heart-Mind-Body- 9-21-22

Austin Spirit Heart Mind and Body, LLC offers a holistic perspective to wellness and healing where whole person healing is facilitated, and human rights and diversity are embraced.

Austin Subaru

Austin Subaru is a locally owned and operated auto dealership that provides the best service and sales experience possible. With our roots planted firmly into the soil of Austin, we at recognize the importance of giving back to our friends, family, and neighbors in the community. As a group, we believe that our company’s charitable donations can contagiously inspire our employees to give to causes which they are passionate about supporting.

Austin Time Exchange Network

Austin Time Exchange Network

The Austin Time Exchange Network (ATEN) provides a complementary currency that enables members to build community through the exchange of services. We are a network of individual, organizational and business ‘members’ that provide services, track and bank their hours and then spend those hours to get needs met.

Austin Wellness Collaborative

Austin Wellness Collaborative

Austin Wellness Collaborative (AWC) was formed in June 2017 to break down the silos that keep health and wellness professionals separated. Founded by Dr. Ashley Maltz, an Integrative Medicine physician who moved back to Austin in late 2015, AWC brings together wellness professionals of ALL types, to foster inter-professional collaboration and success.

Inspired by a conversation she had with a massage therapist friend, she realized the need for connection in the healing community and went to work to create it. Starting by adding 80 healers she had met over one-and-a-half years in Austin to a Facebook group, AWC organically bloomed in to a place of support, collaboration and co-creation.

From physicians to chiropractors to energy healers, psychotherapists, massage therapists and yoga teachers, the group has taken on a life of it’s own. Within 1 year, the group has over 1200 participants. You name the healing modality and you will likely find a practitioner in the group!

Austin Woman’s Federated Club (AWFC)


Woman’s club providing programs in environmental conservation, education, arts, civic improvements and family wellbeing that foster volunteerism, personal contributions and leadership.

Better World Ed

Better World Ed

Better World Ed is a not-for-profit team of educators and storytellers. We create original learning content: packages of videos, short stories, and lesson plans about real humans from all over the world. Teachers use this content for social, emotional, global, and academic learning.

Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy Logo - color, white background

Dr. Jo Eckler provides psychotherapy and other wellness services to help clients become kinder to themselves and life a more meaningful life, with a special focus on serving the transgender community and trauma survivors.

BRAVE Communities

Brave Communities logo

BRAVE Communities connect students, businesses, nonprofits, and community groups together by sharing our stories and voices, so we may understand, embrace, and empower each other to become a more inclusive community.

Brentwood Social House

Brentwood Social House

Brentwood Social House is a source of hospitality for our community, conveying love and soul to all. We have uncompromising standards about the beverages, food and experiences we serve. As a homey, welcoming space for the neighborhood, we are committed to being a conscious employer, hosting community events and supporting local endeavors.

Buddha’s Light International Association-Austin Chapter (BLIA Austin)

Buddhas Light Intl Austin

The Buddha’s Light International Association, commonly known as BLIA, is a Buddhist monastic and lay organization. BLIA was established by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1992. The organization is associated with the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order, the largest Buddhist organization in Taiwan.  BLIA is an organization in which Humanistic Buddhism is practiced in everyday life. It is essentially an embodiment of cultivation that entails the participation in Dharma services and activities that are beneficial to society at large. In addition, BLIA maintains friendly ties with devotees of other sects and religions. With its religious characteristics and the essence of education and cultural activities, BLIA’s motivation toward strengthening the faith of people can be greatly enhanced.

Buddhist Action Now

Buddhist Action Now

Buddhist Action Now provides in the public sphere a platform for collective action and speech that manifests and advocates for the dharma values of compassion, wisdom, connection, ethical action, and care. By our Vow we speak out and take action for all beings, for their liberation and relief from suffering.

Build with Humanity


We use equity-centered community design methods to address urban inequity. Our focus includes projects related to public health, education, affordability, infrastructure, and economic inclusion.

Cancer Wellness Center

Cancer Wellness Center_logo_272x120

At The Cancer Wellness Center, located in Austin, Texas, we offer increased wellness and support during and after conventional care. We know how important holistic care is for cancer patients and survivors and offer an integrative approach in a comforting and compassionate environment. Our providers specialize in oncology acupuncture and massage, as well as meditation instruction.
Common concerns that we treat include: Pain management; Neuropathy; Gastrointestinal side effects (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite); Xerostomia; Hot flashes; Fatigue; Unremitting hiccups; Lymphedema; Dyspnea; Insomnia; Anxiety/Depression; Immune support.

Caritas of Austin

Caritas of Austin

Caritas of Austin’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness for people in Greater Austin. Caritas of Austin believes that when every person has a stable place to call home, they can realize their full potential and contribute to our community. We build wellbeing by making sure that people have a safe home, access to healthy groceries, jobs that provide a reliable living wage, and educational opportunities to learn life skills. All of us need a sturdy foundation and layers of support in our lives to thrive; that’s what creates a strong community. Our innovative, personalized and proven approach to building wellbeing and ending homelessness creates a more vibrant Austin for everyone.

Center for Compassion, Integrity, and Secular Ethics (CCISE)

Center for Compassion-Integrity-Secular Ethics-1

The Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics at Life University is dedicated to developing and promoting empirically-based programs that foster the human values most conducive to individual, social and environmental flourishing through research, dialogue, education and community empowerment.

Citizen Discourse

Citizen Discourse’s mission is to support the development of an engaged, informed, and caring global society. The Citizen Discourse program introduces discussion skill-building workshops that facilitate social and emotional growth and authentic connection. Workshops offer a different form of active listening (i.e., mirroring, empathic listening, reflective listening) and give participants the opportunity to practice each type while exploring issues of identity, values, and purpose in an age-appropriate context.
Drawing from social psychology, brain science, and restorative practices, Citizen Discourse workshops help organizations cultivate respectful and inclusive cultures. By engaging in this work, participants develop relational connections that lead to communities built on a foundation of trust.

Civic Collaboration

Civic Collaboration

Civic Collaboration provides public engagement services which help individuals and groups work together to find common ground for action. We utilize innovative engagement methodologies to foster authentic, credible and robust participation processes that help bring diverse views and voices to the table and encourage thoughtful dialogue about complex issues.

Climate Change Now Initiative


We are the oldest independent climate science education organization in the world. We share the science – in plain English, and document poorly understood North American climate impacts – happening far ahead of schedule, to advance climate pollution awareness to reduce emissions and most importantly, to treat already emitted climate pollutants.

Coaching Passion Unlimited

Coaching Passion Unlimited

We help you stay calm and focused, and on track, even when it seems life is spinning out of control.



COCObundle celebrates individuals and families making inspiring transitions after experiencing homelessness or housing instability.  To welcome them home, we deliver gifts of new, quality home essentials, via our network of amazing nonprofit partners across the country!

College Houses

College Houses

College Houses is a registered 501c3 nonprofit that provides affordable student housing near UT Austin and Austin Community College. Our mission is to serve as a transformative environment that empowers students through democratic, cooperative living. We provide affordable housing to foster community, support education, and promote personal development and well-being.

CommunityArts LLC

Community Arts

We started Community Arts to marry our skills and further bring art, education, and storytelling to others. We love community, are active in many great causes and non-profits, and relish in creativity.
We look forward to collaborating with and learning from other amazing artists and storytellers, and envelope communities into the processes of creating art, art therapy, and visual storytelling.

Community Housing Expansion of Austin (CHEA)

Community Housing Expansion of Austin

CHEA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), cooperatively-owned housing organization in Austin, TX.  Our two houses are Sasona and La Reunion. Community Housing Expansion of Austin creates and sustains affordable cooperative housing communities.  For more information on group-equity cooperatives, please visit the North American Students of Cooperation website.

Connect Humanity

Connect Humanity

We practice simple relating skills to foster connection, compassion and empathy for all humanity. Here in Austin, we host Authentic Relating games every Sunday Night at Soma Vida, plus retreats and other events.

Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations

We explore what it means to safely express and reconcile our feelings around important issues in a spiritual space. In the powerful space of sacred listening, we explore our feelings and awareness around various hot button topics. We look at what information our feelings are providing for us, our barriers to expressing them, and how we can use them to help us build bridges with others.

Cultural Confidence

Cultural Confidence logo

Cultural Confidence is an intercultural business training company with a passion for peace and cultivating a culture of connection through shared, sensory-rich experiences.

Cut the VS.

Cut the VS- 12-1-21

Our mission is to reduce the “us vs. them” mentality through events and products to help us remember our shared humanity.

Dialogue Institute Austin


The mission of the Dialogue Institute is to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of diverse faiths and cultures by creating opportunities for direct communication and meaningful shared experiences.

Donna’s Prosperity Creations

Donna Pennell-1

Jewelry made with an intention of prosperity. Wear the jewelry; earrings, bracelets, necklaces, as a reminder to bring your intention and attention on increasing your prosperity, in all its many forms, into your life. All jewelry is infused with Reiki energy. Special requests accepted. Most are one-of-a-kind.  Contact:

Drive A Senior West Austin

Drive a Senior West Austin

Enabling older adults to live independently , avoid social isolation, and age in place by providing free, volunteer-based transportation and other support services.

Dr. Mara Karpel/Psyched-Up Productions PLLC

Psychologist, speaker, author of “The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age,” and host of the blog talk radio show, “Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years.”  Dr. Mara Karpel, Psyched-Up Productions, inspires people of all ages to create passionate lives and to spread their light.

Elly van Laar Coaching

Elly Van Laar

I am a coach, mediator, and trainer in Nonviolent Communication.  I support people to live the life they really want.  For 25 years, I have helped individuals, couples and organizations deepen compassion and empathy skills, bridge differences, and find solutions that benefit all parties.  I am a speaker and blogger on Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, and conflict resolution.

Embody True

Embody True

I am a trauma-informed somatic mindfulness coach.  Throughout my 12 years of practice and study of meditation I have worked as an engineer at IBM, spent a year in full-time retreat, mastered yogic embodiment techniques, studied somatic trauma healing, led circling and authenic relating events and lived in a modern monastery for three years. My unique experience of learning how to integrate every aspect of this practice into my life while facing real struggles and challenges allows me to offer real guidance based on real experience. I am passionate about taking the “mist” out of mysticism and making this practice clear and practical for modern people like you.

Eremos, a Center of Contemplative Life


Eremos is a nonprofit center of contemplative life dedicated to helping people step away from the often stressful pace of life to rest in silence and reflection in community. From retreats to workshops to spiritual direction, people are invited to come and behold the mystery of God in the spaciousness of silence.

Eternal Waters Aquamation

Eternal Waters Aquamation

We offer gentle and eco-friendly water cremation for pets. It is the same process as Mother Nature if you buried your pet, just accelerated. The process uses 90% less energy and about as much water as a 10-minute shower. Aquamation has no emissions and you still get your pet’s ashes returned to you.

Experimental Civics

Experimental Civics

We help organizations experiment with their ideas and drive innovation.

FGS Xiang Yun Temple Austin

FGS Temple2

On September 10, 1994, Venerable Master Hsing Yun – the founder of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order, came to Austin to host the groundbreaking ceremony. The construction started in October 1995 and was completed in January 2000. In June 19, 1998 Venerable Master Hsing Yun named this temple Fo Guang Shan Xiang Yun Temple. Fo Guang Shan Xiang Yun Temple is located on the scenic Capital of Texas Highway. The temple is on an 11-acre lot with approximately 20,000 aquare feet indoor area. Xiang Yun Temple is surrounded by rolling hills that are covered by cedars. Cedars are ever green with very nice smells. The temple is often submerged in cloud-like fog. Therefore, the temple was named Xiang (fragrance) Yun (cloud). The name also takes the meaning of the clouds above the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas when their presences were honored.

Finding Our Voice

Finding Our Voice

We are a community singing group that believes in the power of song to bring us together and find belonging and nourishment from the simplicity and power of joining our voices. We share songs in the oral tradition of call-and-response singing and are open to anyone, regardless of experience or ability.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin

First Unitarian Universalist Church

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin is part of a historic liberal religious tradition dedicated to honoring the sacred in every soul while building the Beloved Community on earth. There is room here for a range of views of God, humanity, and the purpose of life. Throughout American history, Unitarian Universalists have embraced social justice as a spiritual practice, promoting religious freedom, environmental justice, and equity for oppressed minorities.

Flaming Heart Media


At Flaming Heart Media we work with high achieving professional women who feel overwhelmed as well as energized by their work and responsibilities. We teach women how to create more flow in their lives leading to greater creativity and overall life satisfaction. “Learn how to Flow with us and come grow with us.”

Forgiveness Academy

Forgiveness Academy

We provide education resources, individual and group coaching, workshops, and keynotes on the healing power of forgiveness to transform people’s lives.

Freddy Zamora Jr Foundation

Freddy Zamora Jr Foundation-1a

We are an organization who donates to children and families who are battling cancer. We also give toys to kids fighting cancer and other sickness during Christmas and give scholarships in honor of Freddy Jr to high school children who are furthering their education.



We are a growing, diverse community of creatives working in design and digital fields. We are passionate about improving our craft and provide the community with opportunities to create new connections and learn from each other. Our events include monthly happy hours, storytelling events, learning events and more.


Global Austin

In the current global environment GlobalAustin plays a pivotal role in connecting individuals, organizations and communities to the world.
Through programs and events such as international exchange, relevant and timely information on international issues and discussion on cultural topics we can provide opportunities for future generations.
GlobalAustin’s mission is to promote international understanding, while fostering global engagement and citizen diplomacy through education and experience.
GlobalAustin is committed to serving the Austin community from the foundation built on these core values: trust, global exchange, intercultural diversity, hospitality and stewardship.



Global Citizen Social Network startup is an open source platform with total encryption and privacy with all personal data and communications. GC Philosophy is Peace, Social Justice, Human Rights and Environmental Protection. Now being developed in California. Will include an ecosystem with a GC University, GC Store & GC Crypto Coin to reward members.

Global March for Elephants & Rhinos ATX

Global March- Elephants and Rhinos-2

In solidarity with over 130 cities worldwide, The Global March for Elephants & Rhinos ATX has evolved into the world’s most powerful grassroots movement to save endangered species by working to:  * Raise awareness and funds to support top wildlife conservation organizations working on the front lines to save, protect and secure a future for endangered species.  * Influence CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), governments and policy makers to enact laws to end the ivory and rhino horn trade and implement policies that protect wildlife.  * Provide education and tools to the public to take action: donations, petitions, events, social media campaigns and educational outreach programs.            * Organize and direct annual marches and fundraising events.

Go Love Now

Go Love Now logo

We are a movement of self-love, compassion and kindness. We offer empowerment programs and assemblies for youth, and adults alike.

Green Earth Vision

green-earth-vision-logo- 2

Creating a world in which each person’s full potential is unleashed. A world in which basic needs are met.  A world free of karmic and financial debt.  Thriving with passion and purpose.  This is achieved by our co-creation process that supports building tribe and finding our true family.  Our universal shared access platform for co-creating a new level of connectivity, communication, and exchange allow us to move forward together and form a new collective field.

Green Heart Guidance, LLC

Green Heart Guidance1

Elizabeth Galen, Ph.D., is an intuitive healer who combines her metaphysical skills with intellectual training and a lifetime of challenging experiences to help clients who seek to heal physical, mental, emotional, sexual, relational or spiritual challenges which are resisting resolution through other means.

Habitat Suites Hotel

Habitat Suites Hotel

Habitat Suites is a locally-owned business with a rich 30-year history in environmental stewardship. Nestled in a green oasis carved right out of North Central Austin, we provide uniquely spacious hypoallergenic suites encompassed by organic edible fruit and herb gardens. We utilize solar power, serve clean ingredients and promise an unrelenting dedication to guest comfort and privacy.



HACKSTARZ is techstars for hackers/makers.  We are the largest network of hackers and makers collaborating on innovative technologies that change the world.  We help anyone take an idea from concept to market and we provide access to funding capital too.  All you need is an idea, we connect the rest.

Harmony Interfaith Initiative

Harmony Interfaith Initiative-2

We are an educational and social good interfaith organization. We envision a world where people have good access to strategies, methods, and ideas that promote social harmony and enable bridge-building across divides. Our primary goal is to support and supplement new and ongoing efforts.

Healed By Spirit

Healed by Spirit

I’m Brian Kurtz, Healer and Receiver of the Healed By Spirit modality© and Soul Connection Workshop Series© Creator and Facilitator.  I am a teacher and light worker who calls in Spirit’s power and love to heal physical, psychological, and emotional issues. My divinely-inspired method includes chakra and life-history energetic residue clearing, client-specific healing, and a divinely-channeled counseling session. I also work with children and pets, and clear homes and work spaces as required.

Healthy Bladder Solutions for Women Nurse Practitioner Health Coaching

Healthy Bladder Solutions

Susan Farrell is a Nurse Practitioner, Continence Specialist, Health Coach and the owner of Healthy Bladder Solutions for Women.  As a nurse health coach, Susan helps perimenopause and menopause women with embarrassing bladder control problems to empower themselves to take back control of their bladder and life by guiding them to create their own Your HealthyBladderSolutions Program.  She also offers consultations for older adults experiencing bladder incontinence to help them maintain their independence and quality of life whether it be in their own home, assisted living or nursing facilities.

Human Potential Center

Human Potential Center 2

The Center is here to help you become more creative, loving, playful and vibrantly alive. We aren’t a treatment center and we don’t offer therapy groups. Instead, we offer workshops and services that help you become assertive, empowered, energetic, compassionate and successful. Join us for a workshop and see how much fun personal growth can be!

Huston-Tillotson University


Huston-Tillotson University is a historically black institution, offering associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree to a diverse population of students. Huston-Tillotson University is Austin’s oldest institution of higher learning.  Huston-Tillotson has a set of principles called IDEAL (Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Accountability, Leadership).  These principles guide all things and people of Huston-Tillotson, from operation to students to faculty and staff.  The mission of the University is to provide its increasingly diverse student body with an exemplary education that is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, balanced with professional development, and directed to public service and leadership. The University prepares students with the integrity and civility to thrive in a diverse society, fosters spiritual development, preserves and promotes interest in the accomplishments and experiences of the University’s historic constituents and evolving population, and creates and sustains supportive relationships which advance the Huston-Tillotson University community.

Inferno Films

Inferno Films

Inferno Films is an award winning film and video production company with a passion for documentaries. Our documentary “Community First, A Home for the Homeless,” had its world premiere at SXSW in 2019. For more info, go to:

Inner Guidance Ministry

Inner Guidance

Inner Guidance Ministry is a spiritual metaphysical devotional church, integrating spirituality into our human existence while developing our metaphysical powers. Our path is about bringing life here into balance, opening up our perspectives, practicing principles that create a blessed life for you and those around you. Living healthy and in harmony with respect with the Earth and all it’s inhabitants. We welcome people from all faiths and cultures to join us.

Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT)


iACT cultivates peace and respect through interfaith dialogue, service and celebration.

Interfaith Ambassadors of Lake Travis (IAMLT)

Interfaith Ambassadors of Lake Travis

Established in 2017, IAMLT is a non-profit interfaith organization that celebrates what unites us all by pulling from the core teachings of all beliefs: love, compassion and unity. We believe in bridging our community through service, understanding, acceptance, and mutual respect for each other’s uniqueness and shared thoughts and ideas. We work to build bridges between people of all faiths while empowering people to care for themselves and others through friendship, food, fun, and serving the Lake Travis community. “Unity in Diversity”.

International Multicultural Community

International Multicultural Community

International Multicultural Community is the community that celebrates people and their cultures.  Please check out our group on Meetup:

Karisha Community Center for Wellness

Karisha Community Center for Wellness

Karisha Community is a public benefit corporation which is forging a new model of health care. Health begins at home. It’s our food, our family, our jobs, our lifestyle, our communities. At Karisha, our work begins with how we care for ourselves as providers and for each other as service employees. From a loving healing space, we welcome patients of all health states, ages, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds. This is Karisha, a new culture of health care.

Let The Light In

Let the Light In

Let The Light In is an LGBTQ positive ministry exploring spirituality, radical inclusion, and radical love as gay people of faith. We seek out reconciliation with wounded and marginalized LGBTQ+ people of faith who have been excluded or marginalized by their traditional faith communities.

Logos Collective

Logos Collective

Imagination + Transcendence + Libation.  Evoking transcendence through poetry, ritual and conversation.

Love ATX


Our Mission is to support a cultural shift that empowers Austin to live harmoniously with our world, our community, and ourselves. Our Purpose
is to maximize the visibility and accessibility of conscious and sustainable living in Austin, TX through events and storytelling.

Mankind Project- Central Texas

Mankind Project

MKP supports emotional intelligence, compassion, integrity & accountability – A Global Leadership Organization: Men Living lives of Mission & Service.

MCC Austin

MCC Austin

MCC Austin is a progressive Christian church made up of wonderfully diverse people who are gay, straight, trans, young, old, searching, certain, traditional, and edgy. Together we worship, learn, serve, and grow. We take our spiritual lives seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously!

Men’s Fellowship Network


The world needs more spiritual men. The Men’s Fellowship Network is a global constellation of men who gather in a safe environment to support one another in raising our consciousness and growing along our spiritual path. We are inclusive and non-denominational.

Montessori School of The Epiphany

Montessori School of the Epiphany

At Montessori School of The Epiphany, we recognize the special gifts and qualities of early childhood. We believe these require that we see and nurture young children in a most intentional way. Our mission is to nurture the whole child, guiding each one individually, that they may develop their inner peace, and become ever-more focused, confident, capable and connected to both others and themselves. Our intent and desire is that, from childhood on, they may live as joy-filled members of the human family.

New Life Institute

New Life Institute

New Life Institute is a non-profit counseling and training organization, dedicated to changing lives by providing professional therapy services to those in emotional or spiritual need regardless of ability to pay. We see clients of any age, race, sex, spiritual/religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, or national/cultural background.

Nonviolent Austin

Nonviolent Austin

Dear Friends of Peace,  please step up, join in and help us create Nonviolent Austin.  More background at “Campaign Nonviolence.”

novusweb llc


eCommerce agency providing 360 degrees of consulting and services to small and mid-market online retailers and B2B merchants.

Pathway Power

Pathway Power

Pathway Power, a boutique Leadership Coaching and Consulting company, focuses on upleveling women leaders through leadership programs and helping companies with female talent retention. Lav Chintapalli, a Leadership Coach & Strategist helps women leaders navigate complex leadership issues & build effective teams.

Project Transitions

Project Transitions Logo

Project Transitions is dedicated to serving people with HIV and AIDS by providing supportive living, housing, recuperative care and hospice in compassionate and caring environments.

Rainbow Club Gay-Straight Alliance

Rainbow Club GSA-cropped

Rainbow Club Gay-Straight Alliance (RCGSA) is a non-profit organization seeking to empower LGBTQ youth, allies, families and educators, with creative publications, networking, advocacy and other resources, promoting safe and affirming schools and communities.

Rainforest Partnership


Rainforest Partnership protects and regenerates tropical rainforests by working directly with rainforest communities. Together, we create sustainable economies that let them keep their forest and way of life.

Reach Beyond Mission

Reach Beyond Mission

Reach Beyond Mission is a fully planned youth justice education experience exploring issues of culture, gender, race, and poverty. Participants volunteer at numerous area non-profits. Summer mission week focus on food justice, housing, or advocacy. Our goal is to help youth begin to explore how to change the systems that perpetuate poverty.


Reiki Relief 4 All

I offer Holisticareikindness consultation, promoting self care commitment to wellness and a sustainable lifestyle. Preferably work independently and network with the cooperative movement.  Thank you. Namaste

Robin Loving

robin loving-logo-final_1

Maximizing the potential for good by providing professional communication, leadership and philanthropic services to startups, turnarounds, and organizations that need advancement, which is alignment of leadership, communication and philanthropy.

Roots to Wings Acupuncture and Herbal Healing


Meredith Nile LAc, MAOM is a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist, providing acupuncture and herbal healing in Austin.

Sage Acupuncture


Sage is Austin’s premier acupuncture clinic devoted to enhancing fertility and supporting pregnancy naturally. Sage has been providing a combination of evidence-based reproductive medicine with patient-centered care since 2003. For those who are trying to conceive naturally or working with their doctor we offer a sanctuary for healing. Our exceptional team of specialists guild you from preconception through pregnancy and postpartum care.

Self-Aware Millennial

Self-Aware Millenial

Self-Aware Millennial creates content, tools, and community experiences for people seeking a joyously authentic life.

Silent Book Club- Cedar Park Chapter

Silent Book Club

At each of our book club meetups, we will meet at a restaurant in the Cedar Park area. You will socialize for the first thirty minutes, and, if you choose, share about the book you are reading, read silently for one hour, and then socialize for the last thirty minutes.  That’s it! No pressure whatsoever. Consider this as your time to indulge in self care by simply reading and relaxing.

Social Good logo

We are a community of impassioned, yet ordinary people working to do extraordinary things for humanity. We’ll share everything we learned – the hard way – in launching our own social startups.

Social Justice Jewelry

Social Justice Jewelry

Social Justice Jewelry was founded by Alaine Hutson and is an African American, woman-owned business based in Austin, TX. This is jewelry with a message of peace and strength in the face of all the social ills out there. SJJ products are made of stainless steel and let the world know how you treat others and expect to be treated.

Sparked in Austin

Sparked in Austin

“Sparked” game events are held all over Austin and encourage people to build connection and community through story-sharing. Even if you don’t know anyone else who is coming– take a chance. The game is an amazing way to connect with others in a meaningful way! Most folks who come don’t know each other, and many have connected because of the game!  SPARKED is a board game created to bring people together to connect, celebrate and uplift each other. No matter how many times you play or who you play with, it’s always memorable. The game leads to passion-filled conversations and amazing connections.

St. James Episcopal Church

St James Episcopal Church

St. James’ is a warm, lively Christian community called by our Lord Jesus Christ to love one another, to welcome into our midst all people, and to proclaim the Gospel by serving the needs of the world we live in. We are a fully inclusive, multi-cultural and affirming community.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

St Stephens Episcopal School 2

Our shared purpose is to inspire a lasting love of learning and spirit of service so that each of our students lives a life of meaning and enriches the world.

Start-Up Kid’s Club

Start-Up Kids Club-cropped

At Start-Up Kid’s Club, we believe that by teaching ALL kids entrepreneurial skills, we have the power to shape the world by broadening perspectives and enhancing life skills through community, connection, and experience. Our goal is to deliver mentor-led, hands-on experience that empowers school age students to create, develop, and execute their own business idea.  By creating an inclusive environment that works with children as young as five, we believe entrepreneurship has the power to not only equip students with valuable life skills, but help break poverty cycles.

Supply Hope


We provide opportunities for parents living in poverty in Nicaragua to earn a reliable income through micro-franchising.

Sustainable Living Guide

Sustainable Living Guide

The Sustainable Living Guide offers classes with renowned authors, experts and Indigenous elders from all over the world! Austin-based, heart-centered Online Education & Action Hub! Grow your healthy, joyful, fulfilling lifestyle while helping heal the Earth. Global & Local Change-Making Community, Resource Directory, Community Sustainability Grants, Internships, Regenerative Solutions!

Tech Ranch

Tech Ranch

Tech Ranch is an Austin-based venture accelerator. Its global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and community leaders, provides the social capital, personal development, professional development, access to capital and communal support for entrepreneurs around the world to create companies that positively impact their local communities and solve pervasive global social challenges.

Texas After Violence Project

Texas After Violence Project is a community-based documentary project cultivating deeper understandings of the impacts of interpersonal and state-sanctioned violence on individuals, families, and communities. It conducts participatory research and builds an archive of stories and other materials as a resource for community dialogue and cultural change.

Texas Center for the Book

Texas Center for the Book Texas Center for the Book-2

The Texas Center for the Book’s statewide reading campaign encourages communities to engage in challenging, insightful and transformative conversations. Texans participate in Read Across Texas – Know Your Neighbor: Cultivating Communities of Compassion* by using books to dialogue and explore what “knowing your neighbor” could mean within their communities. *

Texas Ecotherapist Collective

We are a community of healing professionals, clinicians, educators, interns, students, and those who believe in the intrinsic value of the earth’s wisdom and that nature heals. We are working together to share our experience of intentional nature-based connection and knowledge about Ecotherapy with each other and the community at large. Our vision is to provide opportunities where we all actively remember the symbiotic and reciprocal relationship with our planet.

The Astral Connection

The Astral Connection 2

As an alternative healer and emotional health coach, Betsy routinely works with clients whose pain doctors have told them has no physical basis that can be detected. She offers emotional baggage clearing and subsequent organ and tissue re-balancing to anyone who wishes to receive the healing energy and emotional release their bodies need to heal themselves. Betsy works exclusively by phone so she is not limited by her clients’ location or time zone.

Theatre en Bloc

Theatre En Bloc

Theatre en Bloc is a professional theatre company with a history of producing quality theatre that is relevant to communities and situations in Austin, TX. Founded by Jenny Lavery in 2011, TEB is led by the belief that great art inspires great communities. Our mission is to create and share theatrical events that collide with the question: What does it mean to be alive in the world today? To date, TEB has created 9 original works and 9 regional premieres garnering 90+ awards.

TEB strives to be a theatre of ideas and imagination, a theatre that examines current culture, nurtures artists, and continually engages the community with conversations that resonate long after a production. TEB is committed to building future audiences by attracting & serving younger people by fostering diversity, inclusion, & cultural understanding.
/en bloc/: all together

The Cedars Ranch

The Cedars Ranch

The Cedars Ranch is a new contemporary green event space and wellness destination in the heart of Texas Hill Country, dedicated to creating physical and emotional space for celebration, personal growth and community building, while committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The Dragon Institute

The Dragon Institute-3

The mission of our organization is to cultivate a culture of peace through learning programs and curated experiences. We value dialogue and intergenerational approaches towards healing personal and collective trauma one conversation and one experience at a time.

The Front Porch

The Front Porch is a dialogue focused 501(c)(3) that designs and hosts over 50 gatherings a year in many different spaces with the conviction that open conversation across our traditional divides generates practical, organic spiritual experiences, and that these shared moments are key for those who desire to build more compassionate relationships and communities.

The Kindness Campaign

The Kindness Campaign-2

The Kindness Campaign (TKC) is on a mission to inspire a generation of kind leaders. Through classroom initiatives, interactive experiences and community involvement, TKC empowers individuals to recognize the transformative power of kindness.

The Optimistic Meditator

The Optimistic Meditator

One way I contribute to the expression of peace as our essential nature is through the practice of meditation and I offer mini-meditations for busy people through my podcast, Om & Go.

The Parents’ Climate Community

We are a parent-led climate group putting love for our kids at the heart of climate activism. Our mission is to support each other to take small, doable actions on climate change.

The Rooted Self

The Rooted Self

The Rooted Self supports individuals managing chronic illness/disease, pain and trauma in being their whole selves. We offer Mind-body integration services such as Integrative yoga, mindfulness, meditation and illness coaching at an affordable cost.

The Rosedale School

Rosedale School-1

The Rosedale School is a special campus in Austin ISD that serves students with significant disabilities, ages 3-22. The Rosedale School offers a caring, family-focused community that supports students’ unique learning needs in a positive environment.

The Spiritual Transformation Project

Spritiual Transformation Project Logo

The Spiritual Transformation Project works for progressive spiritual and social change by creating unique events that foster personal growth, collaborative community, and collective liberation.

The Un.Inc

UnInc logo

At The Un.Inc we design and deliver programming that activates changemakers. Our 3 month cohort program is now in its 4th year. Since opening in Austin in 2016 we’ve seen hundreds of changemakers step into their purpose, whether they are inside an organization, charting their own entrepreneurial path or championing change in the social sector.

The Way To Happiness Foundation, Texas Chapter

The Way to Happiness 1

Happiness lies in engaging in worthwhile activities. But there is only one person who for certain can tell what will make one happy—oneself. The Way to Happiness Foundation, a secular nonprofit activity, seeks to revitalize the culture by distributing and holding seminars and action-oriented programs around the booklet The Way To Happiness to improve morale, restore trust, respect and honesty, and to encourage responsibility and decency.

The Writing Barn

The Writing Barn

We are a writing retreat/event space in South Austin whose programming includes creative writing classes, weekend intensives, private training, and more. We are very engrained in the Austin Literary community and beyond.



Thinkery is where Austin’s children and their families come to enjoy play-based, inquiry-rich, hands-on learning experiences. In 1983, a group of Austin parents and educators created a space to provide innovative new educational and cultural opportunities to local children. Over the next three decades and rooted deeply in its commitment to supporting a thriving Austin community, the Austin Children’s Museum would grow and evolve into Thinkery, which today offers 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor activities for children and families to learn through play.

Thriving Community Solutions


Our mission is to support the creation of local grassroots based communities of robust regenerative local thriving. TCS strongly believes that real wealth is most sustainably produced from thriving local economies. We have learned that the business as usual model of community development no longer works. A new model — based on the concept of locally produced thriving — is emerging as the path forward.


Tiny Hacker House

A grassroots community centered support system of elite collaborators to Incubate, Innovate and Accelerate the next wave of opportunities.

Unity Church of the Hills

AA- NewOriginals

We are an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God; providing positive, practical teachings that supports spiritual growth and joyful, abundant living. With inclusive services, inspiring messages, enlivening music, and a myriad of workshops/events, you can expect to find much more than a church.

Unity of Lake Travis


Unity of Lake Travis is an open and affirming community who recognizing all spiritual paths and where all are welcome. We share in our journey without dogma or judgment. We’re all about the love!

University Baptist Church

University Baptist Church

The church welcomes all persons of any age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, education, marital or family status. In UBC’s inclusive atmosphere, individuals can find family, families can find community, the injured can find healing, and all can seek truth and peace in a setting of spiritual unity and trust.

Urban Roots

Urban Roots_logo

Urban Roots uses food and farming to transform the lives of young people and inspire, engage, and nourish the community.

VSA Texas


Established in 1996, VSA arts of Texas (dba VSA Texas) has built a legacy of offering high quality, inclusive arts programs and services in Austin, and is the only organization operating at the intersection of arts, education and disability in Texas.
We work to create positive change in the lives of people with disabilities through artistic micro-enterprise opportunities, including exhibitions and artist demonstrations; multi-disciplinary classes, workshops and professional internships; dynamic school and community based artist residencies; and groundbreaking performance in dance, theater, spoken word and music. We believe that arts experiences enhance the skills, confidence and quality of life for all people. Our goal is to create an accessible and inclusive community where everyone can participate.

Whole Life Learning Center

Whole Life Learning Center- 1

The Whole Life Learning Center is a community working towards environmental sustainability, social justice, personal growth and empowerment. We do that through our youth and adult programming and by working together to make a positive impact locally and globally.

WomanSpeak (Austin Circle)


We believe that the key to positive transformation in our world is to support women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.  We are on a mission to support women and girls in feeling free to own the value of their ideas and perspectives, and to share them authentically and confidently.  We want to see their ideas and wisdom spread because we know that a world and civilization inclusive of the feminine perspective is a world that is sane, healthy, and thriving.  WomanSpeak (Austin Circle) meets twice a month on 2nd and 4th Mondays from 7-9pm. Women are invited to come and join us as members!

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project

Every warrior has a next mission. We know that the transition to civilian life is a journey. And for every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different.  We are here for their first step, and each step that follows. Because we believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. There’s always another goal to achieve, another mission to discover. We are their partner in that mission.  San Antonio office: