K. Stellar Dutcher

K. Stellar Dutcher is a musician, songleader, facilitator, organizer, poet and culture change advocate based in Austin, Texas and is the Compassionate Austin Offers & Needs Market Lead (beginning this leadership role in March, 2019).

Contact:  stellarsings@gmail.com or (512) 387-1685.

A lifelong musician, they believe deeply in listening, singing, confronting & healing white supremacy culture in themselves & others, and laughter.  They are the founder of The Seventh String, and travel throughout the U.S. leading workshops in authentic relating, leadership, offers & needs markets, song circles, and how we can come home to more intimate connection with self, planet and perceived other.

They were instrumental in launching the first Compassionate Austin Offers & Needs Market at the New Story Festival on March 31, 2019 and facilitate ongoing Markets in the Austin community.