Michaela Maxwell

Michaela Maxwell is a certified Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT) facilitator, working to increase individual, social and environmental flourishing.  She is inspired to work with the Compassionate Austin team to give back to this vibrant community.  She began her leadership role with Compassionate Austin in January, 2019.

Michaela offers online CIT.   For more information, contact Michaela at mmaxwellCIT@gmail.com.

As a Buddhist scholar, Michaela strives to better understand how we as human beings can nurture our basic human values and elevate ourselves and those whose lives are touched by us every day.  She has done research on notions of gender and race in ancient Buddhism, and how Buddhist philosophy is applicable to modern issues.  Michaela has worked with interfaith organizations at the United Nations, as well as the Indian Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness consultancy, Beyond Mind.  Her research and experience has shown her that cultivating compassion is a fundamental step toward healing our societies and our planet.