Offers and Needs Markets


The Offers & Needs Market is a fun activity where we come together to identify and exchange our passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs.

Developed by the Post Growth Institute, the Offers & Needs Market is typically a 90-minute process.   By combining community asset-mapping with sharing-economy principles, the Offers & Needs Market has the potential to enhance our work as well as our personal relationships and productivity!

Whether for free, barter, or a set rate, participants might offer and/or need things such as:

  • Graphic design
  • Photography/videography skills
  • Various other kinds of professional services
  • Meeting space
  • Tools, vehicles, etc.
  • Food/drinks for events
  • Volunteers
  • Consulting in various areas of expertise
  • Or whatever else they need or might have to offer!

The Market is a facilitated and guided activity.  So, no prep is required by participants.

K. Stellar Dutcher is the Compassionate Austin Offers & Needs Market Lead.  To find out more and/or to host an Offers & Needs Market, contact Stellar via  email or phone (512) 387-1685.

The Offers & Needs Markets are held, when possible, during the year at different places in Austin.

“Imagine… if in just one hour you could match hundreds of detailed offers and needs within a group of people… What if such an opportunity not only stimulated meaningful connections but had the potential to re-localize your economy and reduce your ecological footprint, all through a fun activity? … Offers and needs markets are a wonderfully efficient way to remind us that, by working together, we can realize a new economy that serves all our needs. Ensuring everyone has access to healthy food, transportation, housing, and the other means to a fulfilling life, are made easier when we share what we’re offering and what we need from each other. But doing so requires trust. By making participation in the sharing economy simple, offers and needs markets are a tool for building collective trust and shifting people from being passive consumers… to engaged citizens in a thriving community.” (Donnie Maclurcan, Co-Founder of Post Growth Institute on 6th January 2015)