Scientific Research:

Research provided by the Greater Good Science Center, University of California at Berkeley (on the topics “What is Compassion?”  “Why Practice Compassion?”  “How to Cultivate Compassion?”  “How Compassionate Are You?”):

World Economic Forum 2015- article and video re: the compassion research of Dr. Tania Singer, the Director of the Department of Social Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences:

“How to Build a Caring Economy” (

“The Neuroscience of Compassion” (

“The Power of Compassion: Change Yourself And The World:” Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk and influential public thinker, makes a robust case for cultivating altruistic love and compassion as the best means for benefitting society – and ourselves. Watch the full replay:  Listen to the full podcast:

The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)- Stanford School of Medicine:

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds- Waisman Center- University of Wisconsin- Madison:

Compassionate Communities Resources:

The Charter Tool Box:

The Community Tool Box (University of Kansas):

An extensive compilation of resources by the Charter for Compassion International, including “The Charter Tool Box”:

Austin City Offices & Planning Documents:

Austin Office of Sustainability:

Community Advancement Network (CAN) Dashboard Report:

Imagine Austin:  Imagine Austin has been contacted by more than 100 cities, counties, governments, and planning and engagement organizations across the globe. If you would like to interact with Imagine Austin or share your research or experience, Contact Imagine Austin Team.  Imagine Austin has won numerous awards and is recognized as a best practice in civic engagement, innovation, and comprehensive community planning.

Compassion Documents/Articles/Compendiums:

The Charter for Compassion:

The Charter for Compassion International’s extensive compendium of resources:

What Every Teacher/Mentor/Parent Can Do to Teach the Daily Practice of “3D” Compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth)

How to Increase Compassion at Work:

Educator Innovator article re: compassion in schools, “Linking Communities with STEM Puts Compassion and Service into Practice”:

Forbes Blog article, “The 10 Most Compassionate U.S. Cities”- Austin ranks 7th:

Compassion and Empathy Boards:

Mobile Apps for the Practice of Compassion:

“Compassion Today!”:


Austin American Statesman: Doing Good Together: “Finding a way to bring meaning to life, others through compassion,”- January 16, 2015:​


The Charter for Compassion:
The Charter for Compassion Compassionate Communites Campaign:
The Compassion Games International:
The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE- Stanford School of Medicine):
Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life (University of California at Berkeley):
1 Billion Acts of Peace (nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize):


Interview of Lesa Walker (Founder of Compassionate Austin) by Love Out Loud Austin TV- published November 8, 2018:

The Charter for Compassion YouTube Channel with Featured Charter Partner Channels:

Austin Compassion Relay (Compassionate Austin) YouTube Channel:

StoryCorps Interviews in Austin, Texas:

David Breaux- The Compassion Tour:
Jaden Winn and Imaan Whitman- The Kindness Journey and Cunningham Elementary School:

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May 11, 2020:  Compassionate Austin News!  Special Edition:  Showcasing Our Compassionate Austin Leadership Team!