Follow-up to the July 28, 2014 Compassionate Austin Meet-up

Follow-up to the July 28, 2014 Compassionate Austin Meet-up

The following 6 key questions/requests and 3 announcements were sent out to the Compassionate Austin email distribution list after the initial Compassionate Austin Meet-up on 7-28-14 with a request for responses/feedback.

Key Questions/Requests:

  1. Please let me know at any time if you want to be removed from this “Compassionate Austin” email distribution. Otherwise, I will keep you in the loop.
  2. Please respond to let me know if it is okay to share your email address visibly with the others who have interest in Compassionate Austin. Up to this time I have been bcc’ing everyone.  I would like to enable people to connect with each other, if they desire.  The email d-list is 70+ and will probably be growing.
  3. What do you envision the Compassionate Austin group being/doing? Please select one or more of the following and provide some specific details to explain your choice(s).

1)  Establishing Compassionate Austin as a non-profit organization that leads and inspires compassionate activities in Austin?

2)  Obtaining a proclamation or resolution by the Austin City Council- identifying and promoting Austin as a “Compassion City.”

3)  Participating actively in the Charter for Compassion’s global Compassionate Cities network.

4)  Serving as a clearing-house/hub for networking ideas and activities and groups supporting compassion in the Austin area?

5)  Highlighting and spreading the word about compassionate activities/events in Austin and elsewhere?

6)  Meeting regularly (e.g. monthly) to network and support each other?  If yes, how often would you like to meet?  Monthly; Quarterly; Other (explain)?

7)  Working specifically with interfaith efforts to bring about a common, unifying value for all people (whatever their beliefs) based on the Golden Rule (a new type of “reformation”)?

8)  Addressing a specific theme/need in the Austin area?  If yes, do you have a specific theme/need in mind?

9)  Other?  Please explain.    

  1. What role would you like to take in Compassionate Austin? (This relates to your response in question #3 above.)  Please select one or more and provide some specific details about your interest:

1)  Leadership?  (organizing/chairing/hosting meetings?; leading group planning and initiatives?; leading group events?; taking lead on specific activities?; leading the interface and communications with specific organizations/groups, e.g. peace, environmental, health, business, spiritual/religious/interfaith, education (schools, colleges, afterschool programs), art/cultural/media, science and research,  youth, seniors, government (the Austin City Council, etc.)…

2)  Participant (not a lead)?  (attending meetings; networking; participating in events/activities as you are able;  sharing info and bringing ideas to the table for discussion/involvement)

3)  Advisor?  Legal assistance/advice regarding non-profit organization status; Accounting assistance/advice;

4)  Connector?  (outreach and connecting with other organizations in Austin and surrounding areas; networking; establishing/helping with communications- website, social media, emails sent to d-list, etc.)

5)  Scribe/Blogger?  (taking and generating minutes synopsis at meetings; writing posts for web, social media, blog, newsletter, etc.)

6)  Fund-Raiser?  (working on fund-raising ideas to support group activities)

7)  Observer?  (no active role at this time but want to be keep in the loop and may want to participate at some time in the future;  may provide input from time to time)

8)  Other role?

  1. Are you interested in doing something in Austin for the Compassion Games coming up September 11-21: ? Also, the International Day of Peace Sept 21st: ?  If so, what are your ideas??  Would you be willing to lead the effort?
  2. Would you be interested in participating in a FREE (1-hour) Compassionate Austin conference call with the Charter for Compassion International leadership? They often have conference calls with cities at various stages of their compassionate community development.  They have extended an invitation to us for a call whenever we are ready/interested.  The conference call platform can accommodate several hundred people.

If you are interested, please indicate your best time for a call?  Morning, Afternoon, or Evening



August 15, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. (Central Time) is the Charter for Compassion’s Conference Call for Cities-  to discuss and help develop questions for cities to ask to determine how well they are meeting their communities’ needs.  This conference call is part of the Charter’s development of a Community Toolbox.  Anyone can participate.  Click on this link to read/learn more: .  Click on this link to register for the call: .

Also, here’s a link to the Charter for Compassion’s August event calendar:

Here’s the report from the Charter’s 7/8/14 Peace conference call: .