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Acknowledge the importance of compassion!   Take personal responsibility and become part of the local and global compassion movement!  Let’s unite to elevate compassion in our community.  TOGETHER, WE ARE COMPASSIONATE AUSTIN.  

Start by taking one or more of these steps:

1.  Attend the New Story Festival – ONLINE- as the New Story Journey!  (This is the Signature Community-Wide Event of Compassionate Ausin)

2.  Become a Member of the Compassionate Austin Co-op!  

3.  Join the OpenIDEO Austin Chapter!

4.  Partipate in Compassion~Connect 11:11!

5.  Donate to the Compassionate Austin Fund (or apply for funding)!

6.  Affirm the global Charter for Compassion.  Read and add your name to the Charter.  Become a Charter member as well.

7.  If you are an organization, school, business, group, in addition to signing the Charter, become a partner of the Charter for Compassion.  It’s free and connects you with the global compassionate community.

8.  Participate in the Compassion Games to engage, elevate, and inspire compassionate action in Austin and the world!  The Games are free and promoted globally several times a year.  It’s simple to join in the Games.  When you do, you help spark creativity, the volunteer spirit, and cooperative energy for compassion.  The Games engage people in all 3 aspects of commitment to compassion: signing up, practice, and measurement!

9.  Be the Compassionate Austin movement!  

Keep It Simple!  Start by making a private, personal commitment to take 1 or 2 simple steps in your own life to “Sign Up” and “Compassion Up!” Every step we take counts!  See what you discover and where your steps lead.  With each step we take, we bring greater awareness to ourselves, our families, neighbors and friends, and our work, service, and social circles.  Keep in mind the importance of assessing your progress (“Measure Up!“).

If you are inspired to do so, take action to engage others in Austin to “Sign Up”, “Compassion Up!” and “Measure Up!”  One simple step is to share this website.  Bring awareness to the Charter for Compassion.  Help people understand the importance of compassion to personal and community well-being.  Help people find ways to connect in Austin (use the resources in this website and other resources you may know). Involve people in compassionate actions/projects/events/forums/discussions to help our community.  If you do a service project or event (e.g. food drive, clean-up, etc.) or have a circle/discussion, keep in mind the importance of a simple evaluation (how many did you serve? what did you accomplish? what feedback did you get?). If you are an organization or group that provides a service to help our community: what impact are you having? what are your outcomes? (Measure Up!).

You may wish to VOLUNTEER to assist with community-wide and/or international catalyst activities.  Send an email to if you are interested.  We need you!!!

**We invite and encourage you to go on a treasure hunt for compassion in Austin. Find and share your stories and photos of individual and group actions, projects, events, etc. that elevate 3D compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth).  Email them to Share the impact or outcome of compassionate action in Austin (provide summary data if you have it).  We will review and post on this website and Facebook!  Also, you may post stories, photos, and information directly to the Compassionate Austin Facebook page.  Celebrate compassion!

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