Compassionate Austin Co-op

Be a Founding Member of the Compassionate Austin Co-op!

**Watch Mike Clawson’s presentation to the Austin City Council on February 7, 2019!

**See the list of Co-op Members (added since 1-21-19)!

We invite you to join an innovative new initiative to foster greater connection and collaboration among organizations that promote practical “3D” compassionate action (caring for Others, Self, and the Earth) in the greater Austin area!

Co-op Members receive both public recognition and material benefits!  There is no cost to participate in the Co-op.

To join:ca-coop-v2-400

  • Fill out the online membership request form for organizations; (private individuals, please fill out this form instead).
  • Download and display your Co-op badge on your website and/or establishment.
  • Participate in our Offers & Needs Market (Sunday, March 31, at the New Story Festival)- a simple, interactive process to help compassionate organizations help one another!

Recognition & Benefits:

We will announce the Co-op (and founding Co-op Members) and host our first Offers & Needs Market at our inaugural New Story Festival, March 29-31, 2019.  As a Co-op Member you get a free pass to the Festival along with other perks!

*More Details Below!

What is the Compassionate Austin Co-op?

The Co-op is a self-identified collective of both individuals and organizations (non-profits/businesses/schools/libraries/faith communities/civic groups/social activists, etc.) committed to enacting the Austin City Council’s Compassionate Austin Resolution promoting 3D compassionate action (caring for Others, Self, and the Earth) in the Austin community.

What does the Compassionate Austin Co-op do?

Besides their ongoing commitment to compassionate action in their personal or organizational pursuits, Co-op Members commit to doing two further things:

    1. Signaling their commitment to the city’s Compassionate Austin Resolution by displaying the “Compassionate Austin Co-op” badge (above) on their websites and/or physical locations.
    2. Support the compassionate efforts of fellow Co-op Members by participating in a Compassionate Austin Offers & Needs Market at least once a year.
What is the Offers & Needs Market?

Developed by the Post Growth Institute, the Offers & Needs Market is a 90-minute process where Co-op Members come together to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs. Combining community asset-mapping with sharing-economy principles, the Offers & Needs Market has the potential to enhance your own work exponentially!

Whether for free, barter, or a set rate, participants might offer and/or need things such as:

  • Graphic design
  • Photography/videography skills
  • Various other kinds of professional services
  • Meeting space
  • Tools, vehicles, etc.
  • Food/drinks for events
  • Volunteers
  • Consulting in various areas of expertise
  • Or whatever else they need or might have to offer!

Word-Cloud-Festival Only_smallThe first Compassionate Austin Offers & Needs Market will be held at the New Story Festival, March 29-31, 2019 at Huston-Tillotson University, together with dozens of local organizations. It will involve the following:

  • A brief informational meeting about the O&N Market process on Friday evening of the festival, March 29 (optional).
  • An exhibitor booth hosted by Compassionate Austin for brainstorming possible offers and needs throughout the weekend.
  • 90-minute Offers & Needs Market guided process on the Sunday afternoon of the festival (March 31). (This is the only required part that Co-op Members must attend in order to be part of the Market.)
*Recognition and Benefits for Co-op Members!
  1. Free Passes to the New Story Festival/ Offers & Needs Market:
    • Compassionate Austin Co-op organizations receive one free 3-day Festival pass (regularly $249) for their representative to attend the Festival, including the Offers & Needs Market.
    • Individual Co-op Members (i.e., those not representing organizations) wishing to participate in the Market receive either a free 1-day Sunday pass for the Festival or a code for 30% off their 3-day pass.
    • (Future Offers & Needs Markets will likewise be free of charge.  There will never be any financial obligation to being a Co-op Member.)
  2. Festival Exhibitor Booth Discount: Co-op Members who wish to exhibit at the New Story Festival also receive a 50% discount on their outdoor exhibitor booth spot (normally $500) or exhibit hall table (normally $250).  Click here for details.
  3. Public Recognition at the New Story Festival and on the Compassionate Austin website.
  4. Increased Community Presence and Collaboration via the Offers & Needs Market.  Co-op members will receive invitations and free passes to any and all future O&N Markets (intended to be held at least twice annually). The Offers & Needs Market combines community asset-mapping with sharing-economy principles in ways that have the potential to enhance your organization’s work exponentially!
  5. Discounted Group Rates for “Compassionate Integrity Training” (CIT).  Compassionate Austin team member Michaela Maxwell is now available to teach CIT onsite in Austin. CIT is a multi-part training program that cultivates basic human values as skills for the purpose of increasing individual, social and environmental flourishing. Contact Michaela to learn more about the Austin training! Click here for general info on CIT.
How do we become a Compassionate Austin Co-op Member?

Organizations: Just fill out this membership request form to let us know you want to be part of the Co-op!  Your Co-op Member badge can be downloaded from the form, and instructions for registering for the upcoming Offers & Needs Market at the New Story Festival (along with the code for your free ticket) will be sent to you upon completion.

Private Individuals: Fill out this membership request form. Your Co-op Member badge can be downloaded from the form, and instructions for registering for the upcoming Offers & Needs Market at the New Story Festival will be sent to you upon completion.

**Any group that has previously received a Recognition Badge is automatically entered into the Co-op!  However, we still need you to fill out the membership request form so that we will have an updated record of your information and will be able to send you your organization’s free pass to the New Story Festival!

Co-op Member organizations will be highlighted on this website and the Compassionate Austin Facebook page.

Any other questions?

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