Compassionate Austin Co-op

Be a Founding Member of the Compassionate Austin Co-op!

Just send an email to and say you want to be part of the Co-op!

**Also, any individual or group who has a Recognition Badge is automatically entered into the Co-op!  If you select and post a Recognition Badge from this website, be sure to notify Compassionate Austin at the email above!  You can select from a number of Recognition Badges, including the ones below that honor you as a Compassionate Austin Co-op Member:

Crop- New- Co-op MemberCrop- New- Co-op Member

Co-op members and Recognized individuals/groups are highlighted on this website and the Compassionate Austin Facebook page.

What is the Compassionate Austin Co-op?

The Co-op is a voluntary, self-identified collective group of individuals and groups (organizations/businesses/schools/libraries, etc.) committed to 3D compassionate action (caring for others, self, and the Earth) in Austin and vicinity, as supported by the Austin City Council “Compassionate Austin” Resolution.

The Co-op’s mutual and collective value =  Joining together to represent the Compassionate Austin identity and collectively demonstrating and strengthening the power of compassion in our community.

The Co-op’s investment currency =  3D compassionate action (caring for others, self, and the Earth).

The Co-op’s dividends/Return on Investment (ROI) =  Shared, highlighted, and increased compassionate action/impact, making Austin a better place to live and thrive.