Vicki Cutherell- May 11, 2020

I am the founder of and I’m working on bringing social and emotional learning into the academic arena.  By incorporating key aspects of Compassionate Integrity Training, I have developed a 60-minute “Taste of Compassion” webinar for educational institutions, focused on implementing social and emotional learning (SEL) in their academic curriculum.  Joining forces with Life University and the Charter for Compassion, I cultivate the theory of reciprocity among self, others, and complex systems while developing a set of compassion skills that benefit common humanity.

I also serve as the SEL Consultant for the online version of Compassionate Austin’s signature festival called the New Story Journey.  To contribute to the Journey, I have developed an online course that begins with discussing the domination story of “Us Over Them” and how we can evolve into servant leaders who create reciprocal partnerships.