Vivian Best- May 11, 2020


I’m offering “Awareness Through Movement” classes over Zoom every Monday at 4pm CDT.  It’s a wonderful way to check-in with your body in a gentle way and to practice presence and grace.  Open to all:

I’m offering Sparked Conversational Events over Zoom.  Social isolation doesn’t have to be quite so lonely when there are interesting conversations to be had and wonderful people to connect with!  The game is an amazing way to connect with others in a meaningful way!  Events are usually limited to women, but there are occasional events open to all as well:

I’m hosting regular WomanSpeak Circles over Zoom.  In May, we are meeting on 5/11 and 5/25 at 7pm and the theme is “Speaking Up In Groups With Men.”  In June, we are meeting on 6/8 and 6/22 at 7pm and the theme is “Sharing What You Believe.”  Come learn more about WomanSpeak, learn some pre-stage rituals, and experience the culture of WomanSpeak.  Come join us and practice leaning into your ideas and trusting your voice and message!  WomanSpeak is a dynamic, supportive space for women. Come to practice public speaking and to develop the message you are here to share with the world. Come face your fears and own your authentic voice in a growing community of supportive women!  Sign up to join us here:

I’m hosting a Women’s Book Club over Zoom and we are reading “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle.  We will be meeting on June 1 at 7pm CDT.  To join us, register here: