Youth Ambassadors Program

The “3D CAM” Project  =  3D Compassionate Austin Mobilization

“Putting the spotlight on 3D Compassion”

Youth Ambassadors Program

Goal:  To honor youth (K through 12) who reside in Austin or neighboring communities who exemplify 3D compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth) and who reach out to engage others in 3D compassionate action.

  1. Youth (individuals, groups, classes, etc.) are nominated by submitting an email to Compassionate Austin at  The youth may self-nominate or may be nominated by parents, friends, schools, businesses (e.g. Whole Foods Foundation), non-profits, libraries, etc. for demonstrating service/acts of compassion; for activism and leadership in caring for others, self, and the Earth; for striving to learn more about the needs of the Austin community and the world and ways to meet those needs; for creative and innovative ideas and solutions in caring for others, self, and the Earth; for participation in the Compassion Games (, etc.  The nomination email must explain and give specific examples of how the youth exemplifies 3D Compassion (as described above).  Follow-up contact information must be provided by the person nominating the youth.
  2. If nominated and the nomination email meets the criteria stated above, then the youth will receive an acknowledgement letter from Compassionate Austin and instructions for serving as an Ambassador of Compassion (key activities are listed below).
  3. Ambassadors of Compassion agree to complete the following within 1 year*:
    • Participate in at least 1 of the global Compassion Games events in September, December, January, February, or April ( and get at least 3 others to participate in the Compassion Games in their home, neighborhood, school, community;
    • Communicate in writing with one of Austin’s Sister Cities, sharing their experience, and inviting the Sister City youth to participate;
    • Record and submit to Compassionate Austin an oral story or video about their 3D CAM experience;
    • Submit to Compassionate Austin 1 photo of themselves and up to 3 additional photos they may choose to express their 3D CAM experience- which will be added to an ongoing, evolving Youth Ambassador Photo Collage;
    • Present a Citizen Communication to the Austin City Council about their experience;
    • Submit documentation of the above activities to Compassionate Austin.

*Accommodations available for youth with disabilities.

  1. Youth who complete the above requirements will be recognized as “Ambassadors of Compassion” (Level 1) and earn “certificates,” “badges,” and/or keys to Compassionate Austin.
  2. Ambassadors will be recognized locally by Compassionate Austin and internationally by the Compassion Games International and the Charter for Compassion International.
  3. Youth who are Ambassadors of Compassion (Level 1) will receive instructions on how they may advance to other Ambassador Levels (2-10).