We ALL are Compassionate Austin.  So each person in Austin is a leader of this movement in their own right.  We invite you to recognize and own your role in practicing and strengthening compassionate action in our city.  Join the Compassionate Austin Co-op and identify that you are a champion of Compassionate Austin!  Explore this website and find multiple ways to express your commitment and support.  We welcome you!

The following people and higher education institution volunteer their time to oversee, represent, and provide specific leadership and support to the Compassionate Austin movement:




Founder & Director:  Lesa R. Walker


Mike Clawson Photo



Social Impact Coordinator:  Mike Clawson


Vicki Walsh-Cutherell2



Connector of Unity Within the Community:  Vicki Cutherell





Community Liaison Catalyst:  Tinny Widjaja


Sandra Foreman 17-02-10-011-Edit (3)



Self-Care Activist:  Sandra Foreman


Ruben Cantu



Social Innovation Changemaker:  Rubén Cantú




Passionate Living Motivator:  Mara Karpel


K Stellar Dutcher



Offers & Needs Market Lead:  K. Stellar Dutcher


Brannon Veal     


Community Design and Innovation:  Brannon Veal, P.E.


Vivian Best



Creative Catalyst:  Vivian Best


michaela maxwell



Compassionate Integrity Training Facilitator:  Michaela Maxwell


Clay Boykin     

Community Mobilizer:  Clay Boykin



Huston Tillotson-SEAL-COLORnew copy



Huston-Tillotson University



May 11, 2020:  Compassionate Austin News!  Special Edition:  Showcasing Our Compassionate Austin Leadership Team!

**If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, please contact us at compassionateaustin@gmail.com.